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To the People of Teton County Idaho regarding your upcoming election for the position of Prosecuting Attorney.  I have known Bailey Smith for several years.  She was one of my attorneys when we were dealing with a difficult case in West Africa.  Of the group of attorney’s she was the hardest working, smartest and most determined.  At a time when a settlement would have been the easy way out, she was willing to fight for what was right and she worked tirelessly to help us get there.  I have more respect for this woman as an attorney and human being than anyone I know.  If you want a Prosecutor who will settle, then vote for the other guy.  If you want someone who will fight for what is right and will work tirelessly to represent your interests then Bailey is your candidate!   I wholly and unabashedly support Bailey Smith for Prosecuting Attorney.

Patrick Hickey

President PHNG

Tony Liford

Teton County Sheriff

My name is Tony Liford and I am the Sheriff for Teton County.  I am voting for Bailey Smith for Prosecuting Attorney and I encourage you to do the same.  Regardless of your political beliefs, Bailey is the best candidate for the job.  Since joining the Teton County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney, Bailey has proven herself to be knowledgeable, driven and a formidable advocate.  She has earned the respect of the deputies and staff in my office, and she genuinely cares about the safety and wellbeing of everyone in the community.  Prior to serving Teton County, Bailey worked for over six years at top law firms in New York City and handled high-stakes criminal and civil cases in courts across the country.  Shortly after moving to Teton County, Bailey was offered the chance to be a federal prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office in New York.  As a former New Yorker, I can tell you that this position is sought after by some of the best lawyers in the country, and it pays more than working here.  But Bailey turned down the opportunity because she would rather serve the people of Teton County. This dedication is hard to come by, and Teton County is lucky to have Bailey.  Vote Bailey Smith for Prosecuting Attorney. 

My name is Andrew Foster and I am a Detective Sergeant with the Teton County Sheriff’s Office. I have worked with Bailey since she became Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and I endorse her for the position of Prosecuting Attorney.  Bailey has taken an active role in implementing fraud investigations to combat the increasing number of telephonic fraud schemes targeting the elderly in our community.  Bailey cares about crime victims on a personal level, and she makes it a personal priority to seek justice for them.  Bailey has also helped the TCSO develop policies and procedures that safeguard the constitutional rights of individuals in our community.  Bailey has made a difference in Teton Valley already, and I encourage you to vote for her so she can continue her service. 

Andrew Foster

Teton County Detective Sergeant 

Kevin Gregory

Lubing Law Group Partner 

I am happy to support Bailey Smith in her campaign for Teton County Prosecuting Attorney. While she may be relatively new to Teton Valley, she is a clear asset to this community because of the significant education, training, experience and leadership that she brings to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Citizens of Teton County already benefit from her work in her current role as Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, and that benefit will only increase once she leads the office. Bailey is the most experienced candidate in the race for Prosecuting Attorney, and the candidate that I most trust to carry out the duties of the position competently and honestly. Bailey’s experienced, thoughtful and measured approach to the position will be to the advantage of all citizens of Teton County. I am pleased to cast my ballot for Bailey Smith and will look forward to seeing her work tirelessly for our Valley and its citizens once she is elected Prosecuting Attorney.” 

Tori Whitcher

Sport Euro Tour

My name is Victoria Whitcher and I am the co-owner of Sport Euro Tours. I am a lifelong democrat, but I can tell you that Bailey is the best attorney you could ask for. I am a small business owner who has been greatly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. Bailey provided pro bono legal services to help my business, and I can’t thank her enough.  As a former classmate of Bailey's, I knew I could fully trust her legal counsel to be both thorough and accurate, which it proved to be. She is not only one of the hardest working people I know, but is incredibly smart and detail oriented. Whether you're a democrat or republican, you need a Prosecuting Attorney with experience and expertise that you can trust. You also need a Prosecuting Attorney with the passion and dedication to take care of you when you need it the most. Bailey Smith is that attorney. Vote for her and she will not let you down. 

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